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Happy Wheels Unblocked Games

Happy Wheels Unblocked Games


Happy Wheels which is provided by unblocked games 66 is one of the unblocked games. This is the first advantage of the game because you can play the game even at your school. The second advantage is that you do not need to install any files on your computer. If you are ready, take a look at unblocked games 66.

How To Play

In Happy Wheels which is one of the unblocked games, you will use Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow and Right Arrow for movement. While Up Arrow is for accelerating, Down Arrow is for decelerating. Also, you can use Left Arrow for leaning back and Right Arrow for leaning forward. If you want to jump, you can use the space bar on your keyboard.
After you click Play Demo , you will see 9 different game environments (levels). You can start with the one which you wish. Then, you can also select your character. Before starting the game, keep in mind that balance is very important for this game! If you want to be alive and continue the game, you should create a balance and try to maintain this balance until the end of the game.

Difficulty Level

The game has default difficulty level. It start with this level. After you complete one level, the difficulty will increase.


In the options section of the game, you can select graphics quality. You have 3 options. These are low, medium and high. Also, you can turn on or turn off the sound.visit site


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