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By on Feb 14, 2018

The Chinese government’s recent control has taken the digital currency world by a storm. The buzz which other digital currency transaction platforms may have been accumulating up until then was subsequently reversed and any exchanges between the China Yuan and digital currencies were halted.

This change essentially headed the shifting of transactions between digital currencies and legal tenders to universal transaction platforms. In the meantime, there have been a few peer-to-peer platforms and OTC Bitcoin transaction markets whose revenues have gone through the ceiling, with their volumes seeing greater highs than ever before.

As a consequence of being supervised by the Chinese government, rather than plummeting to a demise, the Bitcoin has progressed to global platforms and dawned anew with fresh developments. Although this appears to be favorable news, in truth it does not mean as much, considering that following this tremendous market wave, several other digital currencies have also enjoyed great growth on numerous global transaction platforms. This indicates that other digital currencies are gaining strength and prominence, rather than becoming irrelevant or extinct as Bitcoin may have hoped.

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 as the world’s foremost global cryptocurrency. Throughout the years, the digital currency has confronted and overcome several substantial issues. The most significant of these problems was recently discovered when Mt. Gox’s managers’ accounts were stolen, resulting in the sale of thousands of counterfeit Bitcoins. The price of Bitcoin also fell subsequently, as it did in several other instances including the many hardfork crises, internationally prevalent blackmail viruses, supervision of exchanges by the Chinese government, and the ban on the exchanges between Bitcoin and China Yuan. Throughout these adversities, not only was Bitcoin gradually accepted by numerous countries expanding its growth, but it also rose in value by over ...

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By on Feb 12, 2018

Video games for children and teenagers should be chosen carefully. Well designed games are great teachers as they provide both fun and learning. Such games provide feedback on the player’s success by enforcing penalty, helping in learning the game at different levels (like easy, medium and difficult) and also by providing opportunities to practice the game so that it can be mastered. While playing video games, actions are repeated several times, which is a pre-requisite for strengthening brain cell connections (known as synapses). Repeated actions assist in increasing memory storage and learning as coined by the Canadian psychologist Donald Hebb “Neurons that fire together wire together”. Many studies have showed that video games have a lot of merits. A neuroscience study published in the Nature, shows that playing video games increase visual ability at the edge of the computer screen. Other studies reveal that video games can help an adult differentiate between different shades of gray (known as contrast sensitivity) which is required for activities like driving at night. Also the games involving the gamer to work as a team help in increasing collaboration skills. A new study conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Charite University Medicine St. Hedwig Krankenhaus shows that playing the Super Mario 64 video game increases the size of those regions of the brain that are responsible for orientation, memory formation, planning strategies as well as other motor skills.

Some games require gamers to maintain constant awareness on the screen which in turn improves navigation and way-finding skills. During playing, movement of the controller of the game changes with what the gamer sees on the screen. This improves the hand-eye coordination of the gamers. “When you become one of the top players in a game like World of Warcraft, tens of thousands of players are essentially under you, so you become like a virtual god,” explains Dr. Greenf...

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By on Feb 12, 2018 (Edited Feb 12, 2018)

Analysis of the Conflict Between Conventional and Contemporary coined as Old vs. New in ‘Life of Galileo’ by Bertolt Brecht

“Someone who doesn’t know the truth is just thick-headed. But someone who does know it and calls it a lie is a crook” - Galileo

The legitimacy of truth depends on the knowledge that it has been said. And knowledge is gained through research and constant doubting. The results that come from research show that reality can be reached if one only speaks the truth out loud and openly for everyone to benefit because otherwise the truth is buried in the depths of the silence. In this silence, the legitimacy of truth is lost and it is longer useful and practical for those who need the truth. This play is a good representation of the legitimacy of truth and how it becomes a reality if it is acknowledged and how this acknowledgment creates space for the traditional to take its place in history and make way for the contemporary to takes its place in the present. In this sense, the play can be read as an emphasis on the conflict between the church and the scholar; whereby the church represents the old system of Scholasticism and the scholar represents the new system of the Enlightenment.

The conflict between the conventional and the contemporary is a topic that continues to be trending as long as the differences between the old and the new exists. This conventional side, which can be called the scholastic side, of the conflict portrayed in the play is presented through the church, in which its teachings and doctrines are regarded as valid and acceptable. Because of this, the public we see in the play have become accustomed to a certain way of living, in which there is no questioning of the teachings and no doubting of the doctrines of the church. The people were afraid to say anything against the church, which was why they were silent and kept to their everyday lives. As long as they were safe and had their life moving on, it didn’t ma...

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By on Feb 12, 2018

Define and understand content marketing

The most important aspect of the fundamental contents is to really define and understand the importance of content marketing. Today we talk a lot about content marketing. Everyone talks about it. There is a lot of content about it. But many marketers are not entirely sure how to define content marketing and how to really adapt it as part of their marketing strategy. Content marketing is the process of creating valid and relevant content to attract, capture and engage your audience.

The most important aspect of the fundamental contents is to really define and understand the importance of content marketing. Today we talk a lot about content marketing. Everyone talks about it. There is a lot of content about it. But many marketers are not entirely sure how to define content marketing and how to really adapt it as part of their marketing strategy. Content marketing is the process of creating valid and relevant content to attract, capture and engage your audience.

Common marketing errors of content that should be avoided

1. Guess your audience instead of knowing them.

It is not enough to presume that you know what your audience is interested in or that, if something interests you, it will also involve your audience. Using tools like Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner is a good place to start; even better if you can connect directly with your customers through surveys via email or personal interviews.

2. Do not allocate sufficient time to generate the title.

This is one of the easiest traps to fall. You spent hours and hours creating a piece of content and your brain is very fried. So give the slap a sufficiently relevant title in the copy and call it a day. A good rule is to spend about half the time generating a great title, since it has led you to write the piece. If this seems like a ridiculous amount of time, it's a good sign that you should pay more attention to the degree.

3. Emphasize quantity over quality.


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on Feb 12, 2018

Are you wishing you worked somewhere, or for someone, else? Are you wondering if you’re in the right job or doing the right thing with your career?

If these are the questions you seek answers for, RPM Jobs can help.

Don't Miss an Opportunity :

RPM Jobs is a job aggregator- think Expedia for Jobs. It scouts the web find the right job, we use our advanced algorithm ( powered by IBM Watson API) to narrow down the search results and list down jobs that fit. Which means you won't miss a job opening, and it will surface all the relevant jobs to your dashboard.

What happens next is magic of recommendation engine and bringing right set of people together.

Building a Ninja Team!

Once you pick the job that interest you, our recommendation engine kicks in. We build a Ninja Team for you to get that dream job that you always wanted. The Team includes:

  • Resume Writer: Our Recommendation may include resume writer who has the right experience to fine-tune the CV that matches the Job Description. ( so you don't just send generic cv but a customized cv that works)
  • A Career Coach: A Career Coach will come up with a solution-oriented approach, which involves working with you to see what concrete steps you can take to achieve career objectives
  • A Recruiter: A Recruitment consultant ensures he/she provide an impressive shortlist of the open position that meets your criteria and present you to the company in the best way possible.
  • A Referee: An industry influencer pitches in offering his/ her service to land you that interview. ( A recommendation can go a long way)
  • Mock Interview: An Ex-hiring manager of the organization you applied might be willing to conduct a Skype interview and take you through the hiring process and give you pointers that would come handy while cracking the real interview. ( Beat that!!!)
  • A Social Media Expert: A Social Media Company or a freelancer offers you with a 2-page report on the company that includes the organization structure, the c...

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