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on Feb 11, 2018

In the early days, you could do online chatting and emails, but those days are gone as technology has improved tremendously. Earlier technology gave us webcam, wherein you could connect your webcam to your computer and start a video chat. Though the clarity wasn’t clear yet people like to see each other so they continue to use a webcam. However, with the help of technology, mobile companies entered into a new era of online streaming through social media platform. There are many people use Smartphone just for emails or phone calls purpose as they are not fully aware of its potential. Some people use their Smartphone for most of its features like emails, games, chatting and social media, but a lot of them are still unaware of video calling or live streaming.

Live streaming is new technology, which lets to broadcast your events. When there is an event in the family and some of the family members are not always available to attend the event. So, with the help of application in your android phones, you could stream your family event so the other family members can join you virtually from anywhere in the world to participate and celebrate the event.

We will explain the top 3 live streaming apps

Periscope is an application developed for the live streaming purpose, where one can broadcast and share it with select people or group to watch live videos. There are many live events across the globe, and with the help of periscope you can broadcast the event and one can sit anywhere in the world to live stream videos and watch. Twitter is an application everybody prefers to install on their phone. As this one of the best applications to read news, tweet and to upload videos. Periscope is supported by Twitter for the live streaming feature. One does not have to download as a separate application as its integrated with Twitter on its home page, if you already have a twitter account then you would have to open the application and browse through the feed for live broadcast.


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on Feb 11, 2018

Perfect Life

Human beings are known gods best creation because they have the ability to think and create things according to their need. With this ability, human beings have been trying to create and invent things to make life easier and better for every individual in this world. This process of making life easier and better has been on for centuries and continues till now. In this process, human beings have gotten into a race of making life better and better day by day for their family. In the course of achieving “Perfect life “human beings have actually forgotten what it actually means.

Many philosophers and scholars have given their vision on how to live “Perfect Life” and how one can achieve it. People constantly driving in the race of making more and more money, have forgotten happiness doesn’t come with money. It is achieved by individuals in the form of true love and mental peace. Though human being has reached till stars and the moon but forgot the basics of life and what actually they need. It is not just effort of achieving materialistic things of the modern world, but also to become superior to others humans, that have made them a robot rather than good human beings.

Taking a closer look in today’s modern life of human beings, people have cars to drive them to anywhere they want, people made beds consisting of mattresses and pillows for comfortable sleep, but still don’t get a sound sleep, People consume sleeping pills to sleep for few hours. People don’t have time to eat yet anything they eat, they need medicine to digest it. People are so much involved in social networking, but still, say they are alone. Why this hollowness inside every human being, even after achieving so much and having so comforts in their life? That’s a major concern why unhappiness around the world, why higher divorce rates, why people killing each other, why families getting smaller in size, why people have such low tolerance, all these questions keep...

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on Feb 11, 2018

Types of Student Aid


Student Aid can be the key variable that determines whether a student chooses to pursue post-secondary education. Whilst Student Aid can be easily divided into gifts and self-help, obtaining of student aid is a complicated process. Student Aid can be obtained by both undergraduate or post-graduate students. However, the amount of funding available maybe different based on some key factors. These factors include financial need of the student, individual program requirement, eligibility of the student for available funding, and the date at which funding was requested. Within this document we will look at the different types of student aid available, and what the pros and cons of each of them are.


Grants are a type of student aid that is considered as a gift to the student. Therein there is no obligation for the student to repay the amount of aid that is given to him/her. Student aid in the form of grants can be applied for before a course of study is started or whilst it is underway. Grants are usually small amounts of funding compared to the total amount that has to be paid for the course. These grants can be awarded for particular reasons and the money must be used for a strict purpose. For example, a book grant might award the student $1000 dollars, but the money can only be used to buy textbooks for the course in question.

The advantage is that it alleviated a level of burden from the student, and even acts as a reward for doing well in a particular area of study. The con or disadvantage is that the student does not get a lot of money, and that the money is restricted for a set purpose. The most obvious advantage however is the fact that it is a type of Student Aid that need not be repaid.


A student loan is a type of Student Aid that can benefit the student towards reaching his or her educational goals. Student Loans can be granted by the government (federal of state authorities) or granted to the student by a ...

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on Feb 11, 2018

There’s no greater aspect of human stupidity than believing in our own individualism , our own uniqueness . Since we first stood a foot on this planet we have been taught that somewhere deep down in us we hold a unique flame , a flame that makes us different from everybody else . All adds up to create in us what makes us humans : Selfishness. But doesn’t having something in us that differs us from others means we are more alike than we think ? This is exactly what Margaret Mead addressed beautifully in one of her quotes: ‘Always remember that you are unique just like everybody else ‘.

This ugly truth finds a way to hit us at some point of our lives . A truth that we cherished for too long and took pride in till it became us , our definition. And I won’t deny that disbelieving in our individuality is by far one of the scariest decision we have to make as human beings ; If we are -to a certain extent- exactly the same , why there’s far too many of us on this planet ? won’t one unit just suffice ?

Answer is No . The reason is : we are all connected , we are all part of the bigger picture. We somehow are essential for the act of existence of one another . This metaphysical connection we all have is absurd and magical at the same time . We all had an experience in which we felt this wonderful connection with another human being , and here m not talking about love and friendship , I’m talking about something far beyond that you fail to explain , you fail to tame and put into norms .

Have you ever felt that someone was looking at you and when you turned you found that it was true ? Have you heard about women having their period synced when living in the same dormitory or when sharing some sort of connection with each other ? Patterns like these existed and still continue to exist , people experience them by dozens and yet scientists fail in most cases to prove their eligibility . Many studies were performed in the last couple of centuries regarding su...

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By on Feb 11, 2018

HR and Hiring Challenges

Hiring a good talent team is essential for a business despite of its size. From a small sized business to a large organization hiring talent is an important aspect for growing your business and maximizing its revenue for a more sustainable future of the company. But as the employment legislation is expanding and it affects the hiring procedure of a company, we are going to discuss the standard steps that a HR team should follow in order to recruit the best talent for your team while following the compliance laid down by the authorities.

The common mistakes of the hiring process

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) says that several of the business organization are classifying employees as private contractors which is leading to a substantial amount of problem. However the DOL is taking stringent actions against these companies. According to the regulations laid down by Fair Standards Labor Act and DOL there are a few compliances that a HR team should follow while recruiting new candidates. A company should make sure that their HR team is following all the compliances laid down by these organizations.

How to solve the recruitment problem?

Hiring contingent employees, like freelancers or contractors can prove beneficial for your business as it manages to get around some of the tough regulations laid down for the hiring process as the supplier of these labour are required to manage the payments and the compliance end. Using a Human resources business process outsourcing (HRBPO) also helps in reducing a lot of compliance requirements as these help in outsourcing your payroll and legal necessities to an approved service provider. Many of the leading organizations are turning up to these solutions to avoid the hassles of compliances and legal procedures. But on the other side some of the organizations prefer to pay a recruitment firm directly for hiring the best talent for their company.

These solutions altogether c...

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