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on Feb 15, 2018

A huge database of accurate and unswerving data is the backbone of every good business decision. Issues regarding data quality often arise when there are anomalies in a database. When we integrate record from multiple sources into a single data structure, there is a probability of variance. The prime trouble with a record is its object identity crisis which affects the database quality. The Data Cleansing tools help us to confront these problems with ease and effectiveness.

In the present era, most of the business models highly trust the information stored in their database. With the use of effective Data Cleansing tools, the issues like duplication, inaccuracy and corrupt information in a database can be avoided. Mistakes happen when we wrongly type a word or when we collect information from different sources. This, however, brings down the quality of the record paving the way for inconsistent information within the database. While an inaccurate record can lead to imprecise evaluation and analysis, a record of good quality can lead to the success of a project. The replication of entities is the prime cause behind inadvertent deletion and sluggish upload.

An effective tool cleans the database by accessing it and then hunts for the duplicate record in the account frequency in distribution, profiling etc. Precisely, it cleans the record efficiently as per requirement.

Removal of typographical errors, correction and validation of values alongside a list of entities are the actual methods involved in the cleansing of a record. The tools aim at refining a set of record by validating, harmonizing and standardizing them. Not only cleansing, but the tools also contribute to the enrichment of a database. The tools employ several processes in order to enrich a database.

Processes involved in refining of data

Different tools are used in the process of cleansing of records which check them for consistency or accuracy and further correct or delete them as and when required....

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By on Feb 14, 2018

With guns drawn the police approached the old Chev truck with caution suddenly a gun appeared in the driver’s hand. The police dropped down to kneeling positions with guns raised and pointed at the driver who was now holding the gun to his own mouth. One of the policemen call out to the driver, STOP, WAIT. Then the shot rang out, jumping up and running at the same time the police rushed the truck. One of the police was screaming on the radio "I need ambulances now"

The officer in charge was still waiting for headquarters to give the go ahead for them to proceed to the house up on the hill, where there was still thought to be more shooters or god only knows what. What must have seemed like hours, but what really only about two minutes, headquarters called out go in now, fast. Just then a young woman came running out the snow covered corn field. She was screaming "don't shoot, don't shoot". She had been hiding in the corn field that had gone uncut that fall. The wet fields had cost the farmer but had saved the girls life by giving her cover while she was trying to escape from the murderer. The young girl was only dressed in a nightgown and slippers and was shaking profusely and unable to speak clearly. The police quickly put her in one of the squad cars and tried to get out of her what had happened. All she could say was "my family has been shot please get up there and help them".

With that information two squad cars and one ambulance headed down the ice covered road about 1/4 mile to the junction that headed up the hill to the house. They knew that they had come in on the wrong route as they turned the corner at the beginning of a 1/2 mile ice and snow cover up hill drive. "We should put on our tire chains" said the officer of the lead car. But they knew they didn't have time to stop now. The lead squad car hit the gas, the driver knew he would never make the hill unless he had some speed. The next two cars followed suit leaving just enough dis...

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