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Gold, Greed and Murder By Mark D. Bergman
Feb 14, 2018

With guns drawn the police approached the old Chev truck with caution suddenly a gun appeared in the driver’s hand. The police dropped down to kneeling positions with guns raised and pointed at the driver who was now holding the gun to his own mouth. One of the policemen call out to the driver, STOP, WAIT. Then the shot rang out, jumping up and running at the same time the police rushed the truck. One of the police was screaming on the radio "I need ambulances now"

The officer in charge was still waiting for headquarters to give the go ahead for them to proceed to the house up on the hill, where there was still thought to be more shooters or god only knows what. What must have seemed like hours, but what really only about two minutes, headquarters called out go in now, fast. Just then a young woman came running out the snow covered corn field. She was screaming "don't shoot, don't shoot". She had been hiding in the corn field that had gone uncut that fall. The wet fields had cost the farmer but had saved the girls life by giving her cover while she was trying to escape from the murderer. The young girl was only dressed in a nightgown and slippers and was shaking profusely and unable to speak clearly. The police quickly put her in one of the squad cars and tried to get out of her what had happened. All she could say was "my family has been shot please get up there and help them".

With that information two squad cars and one ambulance headed down the ice covered road about 1/4 mile to the junction that headed up the hill to the house. They knew that they had come in on the wrong route as they turned the corner at the beginning of a 1/2 mile ice and snow cover up hill drive. "We should put on our tire chains" said the officer of the lead car. But they knew they didn't have time to stop now. The lead squad car hit the gas, the driver knew he would never make the hill unless he had some speed. The next two cars followed suit leaving just enough distance between them to keep from hitting each other. Just then the lead car spun out and lost traction. The second squad car saw what had happened and tried to hit the brakes. To late the lead car was sliding back down the hill. Just then the ambulance bumped the second patrol car and they both slid off the road just as the lead car slid sideways pass them just clipping the side of the ambulance.

The rider in the lead car all the time screaming into the radio, get the other cars out of here and go around by the newer route, NOW! Only one problem the road was to narrow and the other police cars were having a hell of a time trying to turn around to get out of the river bottoms road and head out for the five mile trek back out to the main road and then three more miles down the paved road to another route that may and may not be passable either. Because this route also had a ice covered hill with a turn at the start of it that had to be climbed before you got to level ground where there was easy passing.

Meanwhile the first group of police and paramedics got out of their cars grabbed their gear and started walking up the hill. This even proved to be difficult, it became easier to walk on the side in the two feet of snow. At least they could get some traction and keep from falling down. Wet, cold, scraped and apprehensive about what they were walking into and the fact they did not know if their backup would make it in time if they needed them. With the two policeman in the lead and the paramedics on their heels they walked through the front drive way of the house. the other two officers cut around to the back to provide cover and secure the area.

As the police rounded the van that blocked their view of the back door to the house the story of what had happened began to unfold. A trail of blood lead to and from the side of the van, someone had crawled to the van from the back porch of the house then had come out from under the van and lead back to the house. A body of a man laid limp on the porch now and there was really no way to tell if that same body was the one that had left this two way trail. Only as the police moved closer could they tell that this body had never moved. This body had died instantly shot through the side of the head the body had never moved. The blood around the body had started to freeze. This could not have been the caller who alerted the police. The door to the house was held open by a second body, this one was that of a woman. She also looked as if she had never moved from her death spot on the floor. The body was riddled with holes four or five could be seen at first glance. Blood was everywhere from these two shooting, but there was something missing where did the body go that left the two way trail of blood from the van.

Country Air

If the smell of a pig farm is what you like then you to should move to Smithton Mo. In this little framing community one might be surprised to find that their neighbor might be a psychopathic murderer hidden under the clothes of a farm boy. Heck one can barely see it, but that is where it all began.

Being that our father has always been a dreamer and living large was a style he always wanted to prefect, gold mining was right up his alley. And what a better place to start a project from than a small unknown town. In these types of towns people are always dreaming of hitting the big time and they are the first to jump on the dream boat of others. Basically because they don't know how to make their own dreams come true.

With a little persuasion from my father I returned home to work for him on his next adventure to Alaska, I would be responsible for building all of the equipment needed for the operation. I arrived in the spring of 1981 and the events to follow will take us through that whole year. A year full of hopes and dreams for a very small group of us.

I began work the same day I arrived, my father was not one to make small talk so I always found it best to get right at what he wanted and the rest of the trip would go much smoother. The next day I was told that I was going to get a helper. Because turning 7 tons of raw steel into a full size gold mining machine/sluice box was no easy task, and it would take me with a good helper about a month on the outside to complete.

I started work about seven the next morning cutting, welding, grinding and shaping. I don't think I even noticed exactly what time my help showed, but the sun was high in the sky and I had been sweating for hours. His name was Hal.

Hal stood about 6'2" tall and weighed about 190. Light brown hair and fair skin. He had a friendly smile as he told me good morning and said nice to see you again. I thought to myself, well that's maybe your opinion. I got to know Hal a little bit the year before when I moved our family to this small town. I didn't like him then and I hadn't changed my mind. Nonetheless I walked over to him and held out my hand in greetings. I asked him what he was up to and how had he been. He responded with what I took as a nightmare, "oh didn't your dad tell you?" "I’ll be working with you to help get this project done quicker". Yeah right I thought to myself, you’re going to help me and your three hours late on your first day. Just great I said let's get started then. Oh I can't just yet I need to go home and eat breakfast first. Just great my help shows up late and then it was just a social call. OK,. I said, be back around 12:30 I'll take lunch about noon and then we can dive right in. He agreed and let out for his house, which was just across the field. So back under my welders hood for about another hour before I would setup our work load for the rest of the day. I swore under my breath for about the next half hour, my dad might as well of told my younger brother to help me, at least that way I could tell mom that he hadn't done anything all day as usual and he might get some extra house chores. But no I had Hal just great.

About two o'clock Hal showed back up ready to start work. I bit my lip and told him to start with cutting up some plates that I would need. Well that turned out to be a joke on me, he didn't know how to run a cutting torch. So I got up from what I was doing and went over to teach him how. While I was showing him how, I asked the question about how much he was getting paid from my dad. When he told me I wanted to just say you show me how. After all he was getting more than me. Again I bit my lip and went pass that. I figured oh well if he would show up late every day then I would get everything done that I wanted to do before he got there and make him do the work that I didn't like. But for now I would get him cutting and out of my hair. Only that didn't work either, he was more interested in what I was doing and kept asking questions. Of course this was only putting salt on my wounds, so I called it a day and took off for town to get some supplies.

When I returned I went to the shop to see what he had got done. Two of the fourteen plates were cut, and they were wrong. I'll just do up this myself and the go in and get to bed. Two hours later when I finished cutting I shut down and went in. Only to find the Hal was still here, he had worked for about twenty minutes and then dropped in on my mom to get a drink and see how things were. I had been gone for close to three hours and then worked for two more while the he had been sitting in the house talking to my mom. Well if that doesn't make for a great day.

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Description With guns drawn the police approached the old Chev truck with caution suddenly a gun appeared in the driver’s hand. The police dropped down to kneeling positions with guns raised and pointed at the driver who was now holding the gun to his own mouth. One of the policemen call out to the driver, STOP, WAIT. Then the shot rang out, jumping up and running at the same time the police rushed the truck. One of the police was screaming on the radio "I need ambulances now"
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