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By on Feb 07, 2018

There are moments in life that to win in a particular situation seems impossible at first that may be due to health, wealth, home or relationship breakdown etc. it can be down to many reasons for the person to believe that its impossible to win from the present situation. The pain and work that’s required to be put in daily efforts can just be mind boggling for to even begin or to find the courage to move on from that hard circumstance of life. You may even be lacking in support around you and you may also have the naysayers disbelieving in your abilities.

To get started know that you are not the first person to be facing this particular situation or problems and many before you had felt the same. There were champions who never gave up, who never looked back, who never let their pain tell them what they will do in life. Its you who’s the pilot of your journey and its for you alone to get back up and believe until you are through that difficult time.

Robert Frost says: “The best way out is always through.”

Everyone is gifted with unique abilities and strengths. Its easy to say I can’t do this but its even better to know you can and will. For to know & learn how to never loose then you should ponder over how a person can loose in any situation? Have you ever witnessed any individual pronouncing he/she wants to loose in life or even better that he/she want’s to be the best failure they can be? Off course not.

Let’s share a few examples of those individual’s who believed and did succeed because they did believe in trying out the possibilities in the face of hardships.

Sylvester Stallone

He was told on numerous occasions due to his stuttering way of talking with that weird dialect of talk he cannot even imagine to be the actor he always dreamed off that too wanting to be working as a hero having the main role character in a film. Was it easy for him to succeed in his journey? Obviously not, his wife left him he even had to sell hi...

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