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By on Feb 11, 2018

The world and the wild

When you look around you what you see. Are you seeing anything exceptional? Are there any good things? Are you one of them? Who are they? Wild animals or humans. You are an animal too. You can call yourself a rational animal. You have a high level of intelligence. However, are you intelligent or just a showpiece of intelligent? Many things to consider and thinks about it. Even though you are, an intelligent human being but you are living a life of a smaller animal. No, you are living a life worst life than that. You might have seen movies like the Sylvester Stallone starred rocky or Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conan. You will see how both characters lived their life in the wild with all the assistance from the world to get success in their life. They were forced to live off the scrape. They did succeed in it. You have become so weak that you cannot even sustain the weight of your head. When you are failing to stay straight then how can you take the responsibility of your life and your family? It is better to live off the land than living in a jungle of concrete, where emotions are just a part of a fake mass, which reflects the hypocrisy of the world.

Kill or be killed

Are you a hunter or are you a prey? If you think you are a hunter then you are lying to yourself. Are you satisfied with your life? Are you working for a boss? Then think who the hunter is and who the prey is. Of course, you are the prey and your boss is the hunter. In the movie rocky, the protagonist did not have anything. Even he wore tracksuit with the holes. He lived in a tiny apartment. He did not have proper accessories to train himself. What did he do? He made use of scraps around him to train himself. He had a coach Paulie, who was old. They both used chickens to increase the quickness in the body. Chicken catching was the way he overcame his difficulty. Instead of running on the treadmill he chose to run and jog in the free world. He was no one's captive. He was the leade...

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