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on Feb 12, 2018

Are you wishing you worked somewhere, or for someone, else? Are you wondering if you’re in the right job or doing the right thing with your career?

If these are the questions you seek answers for, RPM Jobs can help.

Don't Miss an Opportunity :

RPM Jobs is a job aggregator- think Expedia for Jobs. It scouts the web find the right job, we use our advanced algorithm ( powered by IBM Watson API) to narrow down the search results and list down jobs that fit. Which means you won't miss a job opening, and it will surface all the relevant jobs to your dashboard.

What happens next is magic of recommendation engine and bringing right set of people together.

Building a Ninja Team!

Once you pick the job that interest you, our recommendation engine kicks in. We build a Ninja Team for you to get that dream job that you always wanted. The Team includes:

  • Resume Writer: Our Recommendation may include resume writer who has the right experience to fine-tune the CV that matches the Job Description. ( so you don't just send generic cv but a customized cv that works)
  • A Career Coach: A Career Coach will come up with a solution-oriented approach, which involves working with you to see what concrete steps you can take to achieve career objectives
  • A Recruiter: A Recruitment consultant ensures he/she provide an impressive shortlist of the open position that meets your criteria and present you to the company in the best way possible.
  • A Referee: An industry influencer pitches in offering his/ her service to land you that interview. ( A recommendation can go a long way)
  • Mock Interview: An Ex-hiring manager of the organization you applied might be willing to conduct a Skype interview and take you through the hiring process and give you pointers that would come handy while cracking the real interview. ( Beat that!!!)
  • A Social Media Expert: A Social Media Company or a freelancer offers you with a 2-page report on the company that includes the organization structure, the c...

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