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You are special , just like everybody else

You are special , just like everybody else


There’s no greater aspect of human stupidity than believing in our own individualism , our own uniqueness . Since we first stood a foot on this planet we have been taught that somewhere deep down in us we hold a unique flame , a flame that makes us different from everybody else . All adds up to create in us what makes us humans : Selfishness. But doesn’t having something in us that differs us from others means we are more alike than we think ? This is exactly what Margaret Mead addressed beautifully in one of her quotes: ‘Always remember that you are unique just like everybody else ‘.
This ugly truth finds a way to hit us at some point of our lives . A truth that we cherished for too long and took pride in till it became us , our definition. And I won’t deny that disbelieving in our individuality is by far one of the scariest decision we have to make as human beings ; If we are -to a certain extent- exactly the same , why there’s far too many of us on this planet ? won’t one unit just suffice ?
Answer is No . The reason is : we are all connected , we are all part of the bigger picture. We somehow are essential for the act of existence of one another . This metaphysical connection we all have is absurd and magical at the same time . We all had an experience in which we felt this wonderful connection with another human being , and here m not talking about love and friendship , I’m talking about something far beyond that you fail to explain , you fail to tame and put into norms .
Have you ever felt that someone was looking at you and when you turned you found that it was true ? Have you heard about women having their period synced when living in the same dormitory or when sharing some sort of connection with each other ? Patterns like these existed and still continue to exist , people experience them by dozens and yet scientists fail in most cases to prove their eligibility . Many studies were performed in the last couple of centuries regarding such phenomenons and results were not strong enough to confirm them , to explain the reason behind their happening . And to be quite honest with you my dear reader , the reason behind such phenomenons doesn’t interest me that much.What fascinates me is our own awareness and perception of them. The human experience of it is just beautiful and sometimes humbling . It mutes our screaming egos to remind us that we are all the same , we are all connected , we are here to connect .

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