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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Recent Decisions By the US Administration Has Led To Intensify The Debate & Conflict Surrounding The Palestine Issue In Context Of UN Resolutions
The Rising Palestinian Conflict
Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017 by catherine 1 month ago star

The resolution to the palestine issue holds central to the Peace of Middle East Region as well as any confrontation between world powers can esclate to WW3 that would take the world peace by sudden shock. Peace is not just a term but a reality to be realised that which can only be achieved by ridding the injustice's that take place and by giving the voice to the oppressed. According to the UN resolutions dating before 1967, there was no such thing existed termed be "Is rael" it was only with the UN passed resolution of 1967 that meant the region will work towards a two state resolution. It was one road to a shattered dream for the palestinians and another unfolding story of aparthied, inhumane occupation and continous suffering for the palestinians. The palestinians were suppose to believe if their country be divided in two by... read more...  comments [0]
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