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By on Feb 19, 2018

Find the top executive recruitment & search firms in South Africa. Bossjanse is partner with our clients to ensure the continued success of their businesses.

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By on Feb 18, 2018

Sweet home is a dream of everyone’s life. There’s no place like home. From a well-known saying, “Home is where the heart is.”, it is presumed that everyone makes mature planning before making any decision on home. Healthy mind and body in a healthy home environment plays a crucial role in the life style especially for a pregnant woman planning to conceive a child. Home has always been a gathering place, shelter, and sanctuary, providing escape from the busyness and intrusiveness of the world. A dream of a home comes true if a home is as per our requirements with creative ideas to build cinder blocks. People put their ideas to customize cinder blocks with paints. Paint for cinder blocks depends on the theme of the house. In recent years, it is observed that theme is usually with light color and favorable to the global warming. Custom painted theme with decorative cinder blocks make home more ravishingly. To beautify a house, garden plays a key role. House with garden makes it more glorious and stunning. Also, beautification of the home depends on how you build a raised garden bed with cinder blocks. Study says now people more think about their basement and garage. In basement, usually they make the theme of bar with some indoor games with TV. With friends and family, hanging around in our custom designed basement or shed is a part of the dream too. Attractive designs of cinder blocks are the key entities to make home’s basement more adorable. Design of cinder blocks is not immutable. Maybe cinder blocks look unsightly sometimes, there are lots of useful ways you can repurpose them to bring beauty and function to your home. Redesigning of the theme with paint would be key to beautify it.

Many of the times people take mortgage loan to make dream true. Banks providing loan have ability to give insurance to the client. Sometimes home loan with decent insurances make people more flexible while returning their mortgage and that make people safe to take home loan...

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By on Feb 17, 2018 (Edited Feb 17, 2018)

Ashford Fitted Furniture

-A hub for furniture manufacturing

Furniture plays key role in any house or shelter. As per saying from Albert Hadley, a famous American interior designer and decorator, “Decoration is really about creating a quality of life, and a beauty in that life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful. That’s what all is about, not just what’s in and what’s out.” The same applies in the field of furniture. Selecting an appropriate furniture make adornment house with it’s embellishments.

Varieties of raw materials for furniture

Likewise any business, furniture manufacturing uses raw material as it’s primary key component to start business. The quality of the production depends on the quality of the raw material. In general, raw materials are sold in what is called the “factor market”, because raw materials are the factors of production along with labor or resources on business and capital. From a last decade, rapid growth in emerging markets is causing a dramatic increase in demand.

In furniture business, at high level, raw materials categorized into primary materials, secondary or auxiliary materials & it’s accessories, and, finishing materials.

Primary materials

Solid wooden material is the backbone as primary raw material for furniture manufacturing. Another important ingredient for this could be iron as a raw material. Sometimes to make a creative furniture, raw material could be mixed from both iron and wooden. In general, raw material from wooden includes wooden logs and boards, wooden beams, and wooden boards. If the main wooden raw materials is artificial plyboard or plywood, the important thing to note is it’s length and width. Size of the plywood can be adjusted as per requirements. Usually, plywood is made of three or more thin layers of wood tighten together with an adhesive material. Each single thin layer of plywood is usually designed with its grains, running at rig...

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By on Feb 15, 2018


Located above the Equator in the Western Pacific, the Federated States of Micronesia is one of the most divine places on the globe. The word Micronesia means small islands. It is a blissful place with glittering waters, sandy white beaches, indigenous tribes, colourful culture and lush green trees. The peaceful lands of Micronesia are no less than paradise on earth. There are legends that the grown-ups of Micronesia still tell their children of how the islands were formed – gods and goddesses, volcanoes and ocean, mountains and trees and the people who dwelled here. While there may be stories built about how Micronesia was formed, the exquisiteness of Micronesia is undeniable.
Geography & Climate

Marshall Islands

The Federated States of Micronesia has four main island groups– Marshall Islands, the Caroline Islands which is the Federated States of Micronesia and Palau, the Mariana Islands which is the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam and finally the Gilbert Islands or the Republic of Kiribati. Millions of years back when volcanic eruptions took place islands of Micronesia were formed. There are many mountains that are submerged in the ocean, most of them fringed with beautiful coral reefs. Some islets encircle sand lagoons while the others are rigged within lagoons.

The lands of Micronesia are diverse and immaculate – there are high peaked mountains to open grasslands, from sheltered lagoons to untouched beaches, from lush forests of mangrove to deep-cut river valleys.

Micronesian islands experience tropical climate and the climate stays warm throughout the year. Rains are heaviest in the summers and the maximum average temperature is about 27 ° C throughout. The period of rainfall is different for every island. Pohnpei Island happens to be one of the wettest places in the world.


History of Micronesia
The history of Micronesia dates back about 3,000 thousand years when people from Asia and Polynesia sailed to...

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By on Feb 15, 2018 (Edited Feb 15, 2018)

Names have been changed in the writing of this feature; a request from the parties involved.

Thursday, 27 July 2017; 08h50AM. Silence hangs like a death-cloak inside the four walls of the cold courtroom.

This is the day when I’ll have the opportunity to witness a State Prosecutor in action in court. I would be able to communicate to my readers the precise method used to prosecute a criminal to the full extent of the Law. All pews in the gallery (this is where the public sits during a trial) are filled by eight-thirty already, leaving no vacant seats for latecomers to the first day of trial. The tables positioned at the foot of Judge Benson’s bench, is where the State Prosecutor (James Jamal), Defense lawyer (John Gill) with an Advocate (depending on the severity of the tried case ), a Stenographer, Policeman/woman and a Court orderly are seated during the court proceedings.

During a trial in the “old days”, the Stenographer used to type the entire trial on a machine much like a typing machine (only on a smaller scale); all statements from witnesses and accused’s alike when examined and cross-examined in court. A recording was then made afterwards and a copy given to each officer of the court involved in the case. In modern times like today, a laptop is used by the Stenographer to type all evidence on, where after copies are printed and handed to each officer of the court (meaning the State Prosecutor, Lawyer, Advocate etc.) involved. It’s the responsibility of the Court Orderly to call out the names of parties involved in the case which is on trial.

Court proceedings usually start at nine o’ clock. The time is now 08h56AM; the courtroom door opens and a black man in his early thirties enters. He is dressed in a snug-fit, royal-blue shirt and matching tie with black trousers, but what draws the attention is the exquisite raven-black cloak he is wearing. The collar and shoulders are adorned with yellow embroidery as well as the State Emblem. The cloa...

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