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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Few Movies

Few Interesting Movies for to be watched
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The few movies that i found to be interesting based on their nature to learn something from them and for them being based on reality rather than fiction.


The movie devdas was interesting in the sense that its based on a true love story. The story depicts the true feelings of a true lover and how true love is different from the worldly desires and lust. The movie is more emotional towards the end and it depicts the love of Devdas and paroo in great details. The movie is recommended for to be watched that is if you can get your hands on it somewhere online. Devdas has been translated to many different languages as the make of the movie dates back to well before 2010.


Waris Shah ® was a sufi poet from the Asian Subcontinent. The movie on the life of Sufi poet Waris Shah ® was filmed by the bollywood industry and it focuses as Waris Shah ® travels on the mystic path to becoming a sufi master and it depicts his sacrifices on the sufi journey. Further the story depicts the experiences of Waris Shah ® being in true love with Saboo and he had to choose between Saboo and his mystic path whom he had to sacrifice in order to continue the spiritual journey on the Sufi Path. The story is quiet interesting in the sense that despite his harmless nature, Waris Shah ® is opposed by many people of the country and his town however he miraculously gets saved many times and is able to continue his journey with the guidance of his spiritual master.


The movie was produced and directed by a bollywood actor named Salman Khan. The movie is based on the concept that all children have different abilities and are god gifted therefore should not be shrunned or abelled as being disabled. The movie encourages children to try different routes to educational career paths according to their inner abilities and motivations and should not get pulled by the parents or family wishes to be a Dr or Engineer to succeed in life. The movie received appraisals worldwide for being able to deliver the message in an eloquent way.

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