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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Red Soul

A Short Story Of Millionaire Family
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The Red Soul

The dark complexion of her eyes , blackish hair, charming smile and above all the cute look on her face coupled with the billionaire family background stood her apart from the college peers. Zara was not an ordinary girl her intelligence level was quiet above the average folk. Her beauty was exemplary and she was the most hard working student despite her rich background. She possessed a top track record of educational success and only befriended few people that met her standards of being the most intelligent. Her way of life made her colleagues jealous and why not as they could only imagine such a figure in movies or in a dream. Zara was content and grateful for all that she possessed in life.

One early morning zara on her car trip to the college saw few strangers outside college campus and no one knew that day was was going to change her life forever. Zara saw a young girl "Catherine" accompanied with her little brother "Mathews" begging outside her college campus to earn money to buy some breakfast. No one ever challenged Zara's intelligence as she really was the smartest of the folks. However on the day accompanied with her few friends the car parked near to where the beggers stood and zara instantly looked down on the depressed beggers and laughed out stating:

" HA HA these beggers reach every place they are so bloody pathetic don't they have anything better to do in the early mornings"

Juliet replied :

"Look at that little dirty old rat how dare he keeps on staring at us"

Zara reacted :

" No doubt these beggers are dum heads thats why they beg on the streets and that little boy is really so ugly rat faced , HAHA juliet you are very right about that "

Kates :

" Girls lets be humble"

Phillips was upset

" This is really embrassing , i did not expect that from you zara " . Phillips instantly left the group.

The begging siblings never felt that much insult in their lifetime. The little mathews started crying and catherine could do very little to relieve the pain felt by the boy. Catherine in her anguish cursed all of a sudden " Oh lord hold accountable those making fun of our misery " those words were hard felt by Zara.

Zara realised that it was not right to act in the way she did but now there was little that she could do to change the circumstances and they were getting late that kates spoke:

" Come on Ladies we are getting late lets make our way to the Williams lecture hall "

Zara reacted :

"I dont feel good at what we did"

"Oh come on , its not big deal these poor people need to be taught lesson so they can use their brains properly"

Nearly one year passed Zara and Co started the 2nd year of A-Levels and it was the first day back at college they all achieved good grades and were doing great with all those weekend parties and the dream standards of a rich girls life story. Back at college they were anticipating a new student as the teacher broke the news of someone new joining them today. Zara's eyes were looking for a prince to walk inside the door as she always dreamed off she never settled for any boyfriend but a prince that one day out of no where will walk right in front of her and her soul will be complete with him.

Zara as she kept her looks on the door and Juliet realised something was up with her friend

Juliet: " Hey who are we waiting for , is it someone special "

Zara: " Lets see, only time will tell "

It was as if Zara knew someone was making his way towards the door and that person was someone really special the one she always dreamed off.

As he walked the door all the girls eyes fell on Andrews and he was bit nervous on the day as he did not know what to expect of his new college and the surroundings were complete stranger to him. Zara gazed on Andrews despite all in the room with students was back to normal bussiness as the teaching class had started and the newcomer had already made his way through. But zara keeps her gaze on Andrews as she has nothing else to do and as if she could not see anything else other than Andrew and while taking some time to settling down into his new college class he noticed something was up with the girl seated on the opposite side of the room as she strangely keeps on staring at him.

It was obvious Zara was in true love and she could not think or imagine anything but Andrews now and little did andrew knew about this complicated love story. Zara was love struck she was no more the same person and little did she speak , studied or slept. Zara's parents were getting upset on this new unfolding situation they saw their daughter in and little did they knew what was wrong with her. Time passed quickly and one day zara told her family what was wrong with her and that she was love struck but she did not knew anything about Andrew except his name so far.

Zara's family was keen on having things settled as quickly as possible but the only option they could think off was to approach Andrews family to get things arranged for Andrew and Zara to be a couple and be married. So the very next day Zara's parent met with the college deen and informed of the problem and that they would like to know the details of Andrews Parents. The College Dean was amazed of the unfolding situation and decided to release the personal details of Andrews family going against the college policy on the persistent requests of Zara's Parents realising their desperate situation.


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