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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Rising Palestinian Conflict

Recent Decisions By the US Administration Has Led To Intensify The Debate & Conflict Surrounding The Palestine Issue In Context Of UN Resolutions
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The resolution to the palestine issue holds central to the Peace of Middle East Region as well as any confrontation between world powers can esclate to WW3 that would take the world peace by sudden shock. Peace is not just a term but a reality to be realised that which can only be achieved by ridding the injustice's that take place and by giving the voice to the oppressed. According to the UN resolutions dating before 1967, there was no such thing existed termed be "Is rael" it was only with the UN passed resolution of 1967 that meant the region will work towards a two state resolution. It was one road to a shattered dream for the palestinians and another unfolding story of aparthied, inhumane occupation and continous suffering for the palestinians. The palestinians were suppose to believe if their country be divided in two by United Nations will work to provide them with safety and living peacefully on their land. 


The developments of the palestinian matter has seen defeaning silence of the UN to uphold the basic rights of the palestinian people in the years that passed and the President of United States Mr Trump's War alike decision to realise Jerusalem as part of something called "is real" that never existed in context of history has in fact undermined all those Resolutions that were proposed by the US & allies in the 1967 in UN. That could only mean one thing and only that " the palestinians were subjected to this oppression not by the zionists but it was a deeper consipracy above that myth " . 


The palestine issue seems to be a very unsettling issue for the world peace that meant living in 21st century in a civilized world of humanity where all the people regardless of the background race, religion and color would all be seen as having equal rights and such rights will be given to them by the mandate of United Nations Assembly and not vice-versa. Further, the working class will not be subjected to any harsh environments for attaining their basic living thus will be provided with the due standards of living. Its unfortunate that we the people have been failed by those that claimed to be our saviours and if you haven't guessed it "the POLITICIANS" and it has been a road of broken dreams where all that was once hoped for where to only realise that people living across the world will be ruled by Evil Hypocrites. 


The story of war's have never been a story of happiness for any side of the war and wars meant the destruction of things and people. " Wars could only mean more suffering " thus there should be no desire for causing injustice or war in the hearts of people across nations for any more suffering on themselves or vice-versa. But what can be expected if leaders of many nations conspire against a certain group of people to fail them horendously and to take away their moral rights. We as humans can and should build a culture of peace AND not vice-versa.


LOVE for you ALL. :-))

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