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Tuesday, June 28, 2022


This article is unlike anything you may have read before! it comes from first hand experience of suffering from such a health problem and its cure!
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The causes of Silent Acid Reflux / Acid Reflux can be various. I will list some of these

  1. Weakening of the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) and UPS (upper esophageal sphincter)
  2. Over-eating of Oily foods (causes weakening of the stomach digestive system) and Excessive Eating of Meat (causing excessive production of acid in the stomach to be passed back up in to the throat as acid reflux)
  3. Eating Late at night times
  4. Eating Heavy Meals instead of smaller meals over the day
  5. A diet low in Vegetables and fruits
  6. A lifestyle that’s based on living in excessive stress levels
  7. Irregular Eating/Sleeping Pattern
  8. Bacteria in stomach that produces excessive gas


Any one of these above mentioned factors or all combined can be the cause of your GERD and Acid Reflux / Silent Acid Reflux Problem.


Now there can be further complications arising from the weakening of the stomach to the body and that will make curing the original problem (acid reflux) even harder. If that wasn’t enough it will even start to impact your other body parts with new health problems. One of the things that can happen from the weakening of your stomach/digestive system is being more prone to allergies. There are many types of allergies out there but for someone suffering from this Acid Reflux Condition these would most likely impact their nose and eyes and stomach digestion. To simply put the root cause of all these allergies is the weakening of the digestive system.


Reading all this information may seem like somewhat daunting as in what to do for to cure the problem and for someone that has chronically experienced Acid Reflux would surely be able to relate to the above mentioned health problems and the factors that contributed to it. If not, I would suggest avoiding this article as it does not relate to your health problem and does not provide any greater understanding of what’s been causing your particular health condition.


The Chronic impact of this Silent reflux can be terrible to your health. Over the years of suffering if not treated properly you will experience more health pains and problems. I will list further problems that arose for my very own self. Back pain that’s mainly next to the shoulder blade’s and it makes your seating for longer periods difficult and make life’s harder and stressful since you become less active with your daily work routine.


The next in line problem you may suffer after back pain will most likely be pain in your throat and after a few months/years you may also start to feel pain in your mouth. Its all understandable the one problem that’s left untreated that is acid reflux/silent acid reflux is now not a restricted problem to a particular area within your body instead its effects are now widespread in your body and in turn its effect on your social life, physical well being and in turn on your mental health may turn out to be immense. But this is certainly not the worse problem actually the worse problem with having acid reflux/silent acid reflux is the lack of expertise and knowledge by the Dr’s to treat this condition.


In UK Health System NHS specifically the Dr’s don’t simply dash out appointments easily to patients and further when you do get an appointment the appointment is very restricted in its time such that its not possible for the Dr or the patient to have a proper discussion over this or any health problem in fact. Further the NHS system and Dr’s work in a way they want to hear out only a single health problem/symptom in a single appointment and to prescribe its treatment.


Silent Acid Reflux and its aftermath health problems such as throat, mouth, back etc pain can be confusing to understand for the patient itself let alone for the Dr and since the NHS Dr’s work to hear out only a single symptom or problem if you try to explain your health suffering to the Dr whatever you say will be brushed under the carpet and if the patient doesn’t stop pursuing his intentions to get help soon the Dr’s will reckon his over stressed and instead of treating the condition they will rather focus their intention on something less relevant!.


Wasting the patients time is the only real outcome from such consultations. If the Dr’s do, try to treat the problem the best they will be able to tell you is that your suffering from silent reflux but for the GP (general physician/Dr) he will not understand the widespread effects that Acid Reflux can cause to your health. Either way the best medication that’s prescribed for the health condition are Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) medications like Omeprazole.


Once you stop taking these medications you suddenly feel your body is producing more acid reflux then previously before taking the medication! So that doesn’t get rid of the mouth pain (also known as Mouth Burning Syndrome) or the acid reflux in general further given if your stomach digestive system was already weak the medications will not do you any good because they will worsen the stomach’s health condition like you will get to experience more indigestion, bloating, nausea/GERD and so forth.


If you are looking for a quick fix solution to this problem, then there’s none given the PPI medications currently prescribed like tic-tac’s doesn’t fix the root cause or the symptoms etc. Its said these medications do help a small amount of people but i sincerely don’t believe it’s the medications alone that would have helped the patient. Let’s get closer to the treatment discussion! But I want to highlight one last thing that’s the lack of expertise of Dr’s to treat this problem.


If you are suffering from Silent Reflux, throat and mouth pain who would be able to treat this health condition the ENT or the gastroenterologist? Well to be honest after listening to your health story both of these Dr’s would be confused and you will look like a stupid simply because it will seem you are discussing something irrelevant to what they already know and have studied previously due to the ENT’s lack of study with Stomach and similarly the Gastroenterologist’s lack of knowledge with Silent reflux and its causing problem with throat and mouth. The Dr’s that actually have vast experience and knowledge in treating Silent Reflux are few, if you can find one near do try him out!


I also believe if given that silent reflux is left untreated over a long period of time (many many a years) it can also lead to throat/mouth/esophageal cancer etc and not just the aforementioned health pains and problems. Don’t underestimate these throat, back, ear, mouth, stomach pains/nausea can decrease social circles simply because you are experiencing lots of pain alongside the body weakness (arising from weak indigestion and throat/back pain) and that tends to overtake the normal life is very hard to bear and continue with the normal life.


The treatment to this health worrying problem is very simple!


Firstly, to strengthen the stomach digestive system and to aid in its process a bit better first search on EBay an herbal product with name “Jawarish Jalinoos” from company name “Hamdard” buy 2 bottles of 1KG each and after every meal the size of small teaspoon eat that. After a few months your stomach will improve and you no longer will have GERD! But the silent acid reflux unfortunately will still be there. Having done this, you will now be able to endure the using of medications like PPI’s (omeprazole) without any difficulty unlike before!.


I recommend you visiting your DR and getting prescribed for the scientific Tic-Tacs (omeprazole) and use it for the period of anywhere between 1 to 3 months that’s just to reduce the amount of acid present within the stomach and what’s the benefit for doing that? Actually all the junk/excessive meat you have been eating have produced the excess acid in your stomach which we need to get rid off and when you do that you will realize your stomach bowel movement will start to function with normality!


For to lower down the mouth pain I recommend the use of Listerine Advanced gum protection mouthwash! So try to use mouthwash daily and especially when you start to feel more pain in the mouth it will be helpful to your cause since Paracetamol are useless for the pain if you have tried you will know.


Now let’s get talking with the important points!


  • You need to improve your day to day lifestyle especially your daily life pattern such as eating on same time everyday and sleep/waking time.


  • You need to exercise daily (caution advised: since your body is overloaded with acid don’t go around jumping up and down) just normal walking of 1 hour will do lots of good, how one may ask? Simply because it will strengthen your weakened body muscles such LES and UPS naturally and aid in stomach digestion as well as lower down the inflammation and damage caused to the body wherever the damage maybe either throat, mouth, stomach or back etc. However, given you do go around jumping up and down without heeding to the advice I reckon your joints over the time of few months your joints will also become a problem for you with aching pains and so forth its all the effects of excessive acid within your body and you may also suffer with a knee joint problem etc. simply to state just heed to the advice! Exercise also naturally reduces the stress levels and improves the mind functioning so exercise is a real blessing. No doubt if you had a good lifestyle in first place this problem would have stayed under control.


  • The other important thing to do here is look at your diet? What are you eating on daily basis is having impact on your body and your body is just returning back to you what you deserve! So take note are you consuming excessive meat then stop its not healthy for you; are you consuming too less vegetables that too is not good a thing similarly for the fruits. You need to have balanced diet for yourself that includes all these different food components but balance is the key! As with anything and everything in life. However, if there’s certain food/fruit that you have become allergic and causes all of sudden indigestion I suggest you to avoid that for the time being. If you can afford get yourself test what allergies, you may now have at this time but its actually all due to stomach digestion weakness. Just give your body what it deserves with having the appropriate lifestyle & diet and it will return the favours back to you in due time. Don’t go for fast food or processed food, learn to cook yourself food at home with no spices such as boiled food and make fresh fruit juices at home. Simply learn to do things in a much better way that will help your body’s cause.Do not eat food during the 3 hours before retiring to bed. A diet low in sugar and deep fried foods.


  • All this discussion does not mean you should stop doing what you normally do! In fact, you should carry on with your life as normal and if something is causing more stress due to the health problems just find another way to continue to achieve that objective or career goal of yours in an another less stressful way.


MORE COMING SOON! stay tuned.



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