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Thursday, August 18, 2022
catherine Page
FIGHTING WITH ACID REFLUX / GERD The causes of Silent Acid Reflux / Acid Reflux can be various. I will list some of these Weakening of the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) and UPS (upper esophageal sphincter) Over-eating of Oily foods (causes weakening of the stomach digestive system)...
  The resolution to the palestine issue holds central to the Peace of Middle East Region as well as any confrontation between world powers can esclate to WW3 that would take the world peace by sudden shock. Peace is not just a term but a reality to be realised that which can only be...
The Red Soul The dark complexion of her eyes , blackish hair, charming smile and above all the cute look on her face coupled with the billionaire family background stood her apart from the college peers. Zara was not an ordinary girl her intelligence level was quiet above the average...
The few movies that i found to be interesting based on their nature to learn something from them and for them being based on reality rather than fiction. DEVDAS The movie devdas was interesting in the sense that its based on a true love story. The story depicts the true feelings of a...
My family had moved back from europe in my early teens however to only relocate back in europe right after some years of hard experiences abroad in asia. The changes for me were quiet tough to swallow however with met experiences of the two different continental countries, i had managed to...
The health of the Mind, Body and Soul reflects the true overall health of a person. There have been conducted various psychological studies whom determined how the health of mind and the body are directly connected. Needless to write the many details of those psychological or medical studies...
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